We are proud to present our Festival Colours collection

Each pot is a festive mix of colours and varieties for in the garden and on the patio. We currently offer more than 100 different plant-pot combinations: from seedling pots and plant saucers to patio and hanging pots. Plenty of choice every season!

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Festival Colours; unique and distinctive!

Before we offer Festival Colours, the range is extensively tested. We combine genetics by different breeders to develop the ideal programmes and mixes. The mixes are selected not only for their colour and shape, but also for their shelf life, equivalent growth and flowering success, so that consumers are satisfied with our garden flowers.

Creatief met kleur

The 12-cm nursery pots are available from weeks 8 to 27, in abundance and in various colour and mix combinations. The ease with which consumers can brighten up their patio and garden with colour has been a success formula for years. Discover our enormously varied range at Floriday.

Ready-made garden decorations

Our passion for a good product goes further than just the plant. We champion consumer convenience and continuously entice consumers to put plants on their patios. We do this by supplying our plants with coloured saucers and ornamental pots in contemporary colours. The trendy colours and the pots with a water reservoir (Aqua-Easy) provide instant happiness!

Watering your plants the easy way

Aqua-Easy is a smart hanging pot, which ensures that the plant absorbs water according to its needs. This makes taking care of the plant a breeze, both on the shelf and for the consumer. The Aqua-Easy pot is available in two sizes: 27 and 33 cm.

Marketing support; a celebration for your customers

The cheerful product appearance with its recognisable pot printing and labels make Festival Colours an eye-catcher on the shelf. Would you also like attract more of your customer’s attention to Festival Colours? Contact us for associated Point of Sale materials such as table banners, photos, posters; everything for an attractive display on the shop floor.

Or get to work yourself with posters, photos and written material that we provide for your use. With a consumer website and an active presence on social media and consumer events, we ensure that Festival Colours remains top of mind not only in the shop, but beyond its doors, too.

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QR-code: new!

We are launching additional consumer tips as videos, which will be accessible via QR codes. These codes will be printed on all packaging, but also shared through catalogues and POS materials. It’s very simple; just scan the code and get inspired!

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