Outstanding bedding plants

From time to time in the course of our career as bedding plant cultivation specialists, we come across unique gems. Beautiful bedding plants that surprise you with their flower shape, colour, growth and performance in the garden. These are the garden flowers that make our hearts beat faster and that deserve just a little extra attention. We are pleased to share this collection of special garden flowers and to present them under the name Wouters & Wouters. In short: these plants excel in producing abundant blooms from spring until far into autumn. Guaranteed to provide long-lasting enjoyment!

The Wouters & Wouters collection

The Wouters & Wouters collection will be delivered in luxury 13 cm growing pots and is available from week 17 to week 26. This product line is limited in availability due to the special, luxurious varieties. Would you like to have Wouters&Wouters products on your shelves?

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Plantsmen: René and Ad Wouters

They never dared to dream that their nursery would grow as large as it has. Brothers Ad and René Wouters started out with a modest greenhouse of chrysanthemums because they wanted to try ‘something with flowers’. The company has grown into one of the Netherlands’ largest nurseries with a range of lushly blooming varieties including: pansies, petunias, geraniums, begonias, chrysanthemums, poinsettias and much more. The brothers still do the rounds through the greenhouses every day, but they go by bicycle these days because the distances have become enormous. Ad: ‘Your sense of curiosity never diminshes. It’s just a really great job – seeing beautiful, healthy mature plants grow from such small seedlings or plugs.’

‘This Wouters&Wouters collection is full of exuberant colours and exciting shapes. In short: our favourites!’

All the colours of the rainbow

Plain, dotted, striped, with single or double flowers – the choice of petunias is endless. It goes without saying that all these petunias were carefully selected and tested by the Wouters brothers, Ad & René.

‘This Wouters&Wouters collection is full of exuberant colours and exciting shapes. In short: our favourites!’

Just one of our favourites

Look at this! Isn’t this a beautiful colour? The calibrachoa (or million bells) is a richly flowering, easy-care plant for the patio and balcony. They love sun, but will also tolerate light shade. Calibrachoas thrive in pots, containers and in hanging baskets placed in your garden, on your patio or balcony. But they’re just as happy when planted in the open ground in your garden, where they will develop into a fantastic carpet of flowers.

Exuberant sea of flowers

You can prepare your balcony and patio for summer as soon as the chance of night frost has passed. Be sure to include cheerful, colourful summer flowers like geraniums. They are certain to produce an exuberant sea of flowers. The geraniums in the Wouters&Wouters collection are more robust than ever! These sun-worshippers bloom until deep in the autumn. Enjoyment guaranteed!