Solar energy

Kwekerij Wouters is committed to a sustainable future. There are 1,100 solar panels on our roofs that generate enough electricity to power our company in the summer months. This means we do not have to draw power from the grid at these times.

Grid congestion

We also contribute to solving grid congestion. When the grid threatens to become overloaded, we help the grid operator by purchasing electricity and converting it into heat using an electric boiler. We then use this heat to heat our greenhouses.

How this works:
• We receive a signal from the grid operator.
• The electric boiler is switched on.
• Power is taken from the grid and converted into heat.
• This heat is used to heat our greenhouses.



Generation of heat with pruning waste

We use the residual flow of pruning waste to generate the heat we need in our greenhouses. We store this heat in heat buffers and then use it to heat the greenhouses.

Charging stations

There are 10 charging stations on our company grounds where electric cars can be charged.

Waste separation

We believe it is important to separate and recycle waste. In this way we contribute to a circular economy and minimize our amount of residual waste.

“We are continuously working on making our company more sustainable. We do this by investing in new techniques, collaborating with partners and sharing our knowledge with others.”